We are looking for innovative technologies & applications to drive forward-thinking solutions for creating safer, smarter and more sustainable environments – buildings, public spaces, commercial properties, retail stores, critical infrastructures, and more.


Startups in the key areas described

Technological maturity TRL 4 and above 

Preferably post seed investment

Looking for a strategic partner and ready to commercialize

* The program is free of charge and does not request equity.

Alumni Testimonials:

"JCI Open Innovation took us on roadshows and demo days for their global strategic clients, following which we conducted a joint-pilot of our technology at a customer-site with full hands-on support of the JCI team. After learning the market needs and proving the solution we are signing a full-scale reselling agreement with JCI. This commercial collaboration and having JCI as our global integrator as a result, is a tremendous boost to our business, allowing us to offer infrastructure, sales, and customer service worldwide and scale up quickly."

Gadi Bar Ner
VP BizDev at Magos Systems

"JCI, as one of the leading players globally in Access Control was a natural partner to help us learn and develop solutions in this space.
Together with the corporates R&D we tested and validated our technology and learned about the market needs and professional requirements. In addition and as part of the process we have received a strategic venture investment from JCI Open Innovation and we are working on a joint-deployment of our core sensing platform into a product with JCI Security Products"

Asher Polani
CEO of ContinUse Biometrics